Other writers out there – do you enjoy revising?

I revise on hard copy. A pile of paper. Tangible. Gratifying. Scary.

And next? Apply the contrary skills of imagination and organization, of development and compression to bring the story to its full potential and to answer that all-important question: what is this novel really about?

In order to see the strengths and weaknesses – scenes that temporarily take my breath away and scenes that make me wonder how much sleep I had the night before – I have to be objective. For me, that’s the most difficult part of the process. Oh, along with dividing the book into chapters – I’ve never been able to write in chapters like normal people. But the rest? Digging for meaning? Cutting the dross? Intensely satisfying.

I was honoured to receive an Arts Nova Scotia grant for the initial revision, and by May of 2017 had produced a much more workable second draft. 15,000 words gone into cyberspace.

Since then, many more have followed, and I now think I’ve finished revising my medieval novel. Or have I?

Does revising ever end?